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You have decided to update your car, truck, bus, van or your whole fleet. There are many advantages in updating your vehicle – from lower maintenance costs, factory warranty, fixed schedule services plus all the new safety and option features offered in new vehicles from cameras, Bluetooth connectivity, lane change assist and so on.

Now deciding on which finance product to use may be daunting. At Aus Fin Loans we are here to offer you the options which are available to you. The vehicle and equipment finance market predominately uses the following products to assist clients purchasing assets.

By utilising any of these finance options you are able to purchase vehicles, plant or equipment without tying up large amounts of your working capital. At Aus Fin Loans we can assist you structure your finance to suit you and your cash flow situation.

Tax advantages – available if the goods are dedicated to generating a business income.

Budgeting – The terms of the finance are set at the beginning of the contract so you know exactly what your regular repayments will be. In most instances you will not be required to pay an initial deposit.

Chattel Mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is a business loan for companies, not individuals. As long as the vehicle is being used 50% or more for business a Chattel Mortgage can offer you significant benefits over a personal or consumer loan. Here are some of the features of a Chattel Mortgage.

  • Interest rate may be lower

  • Excellent tax claims on GST, depreciation and interest

  • Option to have residual or balloon final payment

  • Use the banks’ money, not your own!

  • Could be easier to organise than a consumer or personal loan


Commercial Hire Purchase

A Commercial Hire Purchase Loan will allow you to easily budget your monthly payments as they are fixed across the life of the loan. At the end of the loan, ownership of the vehicle transfers to you. Here are some of the features of a Commercial Hire Purchase Loan.

  • Fixed interest rate for the lifetime of the loan

  • Choose to make a deposit or no deposit

  • Interest and depreciation may be tax deductable

  • Use the banks’ money, not your own!

  • You can make a balloon payment to adjust your monthly payments


Finance Lease

A Finance Lease is an arrangement when the Lender purchases the asset and then leases it to the client for a fixed payment per month for the life of the loan. A Finance Lease is available to companies, partnerships, sole traders and individuals. Here are some of the features of a Finance Lease.

  • You can finance the entire value of the asset

  • All payments are tax deducable

  • Payments are fixed per month, however you can make irregular extra payments as well

  • Choose the amount for your residual final payment

  • Terms of up to 7 years can be arranged


Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is an arrangement between you, your employer and the lender. Also known as ‘salary sacrifice’ or ‘salary packaging’; your payments/costs come out of your gross income. Here are some of the features of a Novated Lease.

  • You organise it, then your employer and the lender deal with your payments out of your salary

  • Package your payments, fuel, insurance, servicing, replacement tyres etc

  • Highly tax effective and managable

  • New or used vehicles allowed

  • Great interest rates available


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