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What is Debt Consolidation?

This is where various debts, multiple loans are rolled into an easy to manage loan with one ingle monthly payment. Clients may owe on several credit cards, personal loans and a mortgage and finding it hard to juggle multiple monthly payments with varying interest rates, conditions and balances.

Who Can We Help?

  • Past Defaults OK

  • Are you a discharged bankrupt? We are able to assist where some of the banks will not be interested – we can help

  • Mortgage Arrears – Due to personal or work situations you have fallen behind with your Mortgage Payments and are getting increasing pressure from your lender – call us today before your situation gets worse.

  • Have you been refused by your Bank, call Aus Fin Loans as we have a large panel of lenders which will be able to help.

  • Self Employed and ABN holders

  • Business Owners – with ATO Debt

  • If you have been refused a Loan by your bank – you need to call us

  • Had late payments on Credit or your mortgage – call us today for a chat.

Refinance Your Loan and Consolidated Your Debts

If you are looking for a new loan with a better rate and more features or would like to consolidate your debts into one easy to manage repayment and save interest, we have several options for you.

Ways To Cut Down On Credit Card Debt

  • Shop for a better rate with credit card providers

  • Don’t pay the minimum monthly amount, make higher payments as interest rates may vary between 13 to 18%, the more you pay the less interest you will pay.

  • Automate your credit card payments with a set amount each month and avoid potential late fees.

  • Lower your credit card limit – speak to your credit card provider and ask to reduce your limit. If you have more than one card see if you can pay one out and ten cancel it.

  • Consolidate your credit card debt with a personal loan, or if you have equity in your home loan you may refinance and pay out your debt.

  • Maybe even leave your credit card at home to avoid any weak moments.

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